Sian Hughes

Art, drawings and paintings

I’m a Sheffield-based artist, inspired by the Derbyshire Peak District, mountain and moorland landscapes, British wildlife and by the qualities of materials (i.e. what pretty shapes they form when I spill them on things).

Blue moorland painting by Sian Hughes

My blog is about the things I love. Things like like walking, nature and wild landscapes; the Peak District National Park; visiting stately homes and fancy houses; making stuff and taking photos; sketching, drawing and lobbing paint around.

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‘Siansburys’ (/shahn-zbriz/) is a play on my name and that of a large supermarket chain which I have found disproportionately amusing since the mid-90s. I have used it as my screen name since around 2003 and this was accidentally extended into the name for my online creative venture in 2007, when my lifelong love of primates and colourful socks combined in a sock monkey explosion that temporarily demolished 90% of my house. I don’t make them any more, but you can see an archive here:

Sock Monkeys – Special Sock Monkeys – Superstar Sock Monkeys

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